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B2b content marketing research 2012: Social media most popular tactic

A very interesting source to follow about contentmarketing is the CMI, the Content Marketing Institute, founded and led by poster boy for content marketing, Joe Pulizzi. I got a subscription at their daily newsletter, and almost every day I find interesting stuff to share in the articles they publish. Same for yesterday: a benchmark report on b2b content marketing for 2012 (here you can find the pdf).

In the report, that you can find below on SlideShare, there’s a lot of interesting stuff about content marketing in b2b. The report states, that 9 out of 10 organizations uses contentmarketing, one way or another. Another finding in the report, is that b2b marketers use 8 different content marketing tactics on average to achieve their marketing goals. The report also is about the allocation of budgets: marketers are putting a quarter of their marketing budget on content marketing.

And… social media? Benchmarking this subject to last year, social is being used more frequently as a marketing channel. In 2010, Twitter was most popular, for this year, it’s the same. The different social marketing channels all see a strong relative growth.

  • YouTube: 47% increase
  • LinkedIn: 39% increase
  • Twitter: 35% increase
  • Facebook: 30% increase


Full report on SlideShare