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BBC changes EastEnders storyline based on viewers feedback

When browsing the web for some fresh news, I came across an interesting story about EastEnders, a British soap opera on the BBC. EastEnders is all about everyday life, with some controversial storylines from time to time. According to Wikipedia, EastEnders was first aired in 1985. Thinking of those past 25 years, I wouldn't like to be one of their story writers! And if you read on, I imagine you wouldn't like to be in their place either at this moment.

What is it all about?
  In the New Year episodes of EastEnders, one of the characters lost her baby. The baby apparently died in his bed. During the episode the mother swaps her baby with another – healthy – newborn. Once the episode aired, a lot of people started complaining about it as they felt it was very wrong. It all started on a parenting website, which prompted people to write a letter to the BBC. And apparently, over 8.400 people actually did that.

You can imagine the BBC had to think twice about a solid response to this flood of complaints. I don’t know if they have a conversation manager, but they sure did listen to their audience. Only 7 days after the episode was aired and complaints started pouring in, they decided to change the plot of the storyline. In the spring the swapped baby will be reunited with its real mother.

What we should remember about all this? The BBC listened to the feedback of their viewers, acted accordingly and communicated clearly and fast. The clear and fast communication is very important, as the negative atmosphere surrounding EastEnders only lasted for 7 days. Over 8.400 people feel they are being heard. Good job, BBC!