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Convenience store chain 7-eleven launches the first real-time game show on Facebook

Companies are constantly looking for new ways of connecting with their customers. Facebook has become so popular that the social network site is the place to be for online dialogue with consumers.

In Malaysia, retail store chain 7-eleven recently launched a real-time game show. The programme is broadcast on the brand’s fan page. The concept is similar to the famous ‘The price is right’ format. The show is broadcast twice a week at previously announced times.

The basic concept is simple: in the first round every spectator can participate. The aim is to guess the price of all the products in a shopping basket. The 10 participants who get closest go through to the next round. They then play a number of similar rounds until there is a winner. The prizes on offer range from digital cameras to iPads and purchase vouchers for the supermarket.

This campaign is a smart way for companies to show the market that they effectively charge low prices. Since the method is so interactive, the key message is likely to be remembered by the participants. Also, thanks to the game, a large number of people have ticked the ‘Like the brand’ box, which is an added bonus. The number of fans has grown from the initial 10,000 to more than 25,000 just one week after launch.