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Dunkin’ Donuts launches Facebook competition to find ultimate coffee fan

Who is the ultimate Dunkin'Donut coffee fan? That's the question Dunkin'donuts launched to celebrate national coffee day and the 60th anniversary of the brand.

How to prove your fanship? Simple, send in a video with the evidence. Video’s can be no longer than 60 seconds and cannot be taped inside a Dunkin’Donut restaurant. To participate you need to upload the video on Facebook.

Once online, the public will have the chance to vote on their favorite video – although this only accounts for 25% of each entrant’s final score, with Dunkin’ Donuts judges making up the remaining 75%.

Dunkin' donutsThe competition winner gets five years of free coffee delivered to their door. Next to that, they get a trip for two to Costa Rica to visit a coffee farm, a further trip for two to meet the Dunkin Donuts Coffee Excellence Team and tour their Coffee Lab. Ten less-fortunate caffeine addicts also will receive a year’s supply of home delivered Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.

Dunkin’Donuts has always had a history of promoting their fans through Facebook. Their pages is far more active compared to many other pages. On the other hand, questions can be raised about the appeal of these videos for the general audience. I’m not going to watch 5 videos to hear how great the coffee is. We’ll see the results in a few weeks, the competition stops on October 20th.