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Experience management is a matter of details management

One of the strategies of the Conversation Manager is to manage the experience and not the product. I strongly belief that managing experiences is not just about high level strategic thinking. It's also managing details to boost the experience level. Detail management is a form of implicit enforcement of your entire experience strategy.

I just read a great example about detail management in the book 'Be our guest'. A book that describes the customer experience strategy of the Walt Disney World resort.

When a guest is asking for directions to a Disney cast member, they are trained to point directions with 2 fingers or with an open hand. They will never point with just one finger, because this is very impolite in certain cultures.

It’s one of those details that you will never notice, but it could create a negative experience to some guests if you don’t take it into account.

Details can make or break your total experience and so influence the conversations people are having about your brand.