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Focus: Marketers prioritize on social media monitoring investment in 2011

10In a survey among 172 marketingprofessionals in different industries and companysizes, Focus’s found in a recent marketer’s benchmark (pdf) that the most important priorization of markter’s will be the investment in social media tooling. That is: social media monitoring, campaign management tools and analytics tools. This said, e-mail is still the most important while topperforming tool in the marketing mix in terms of ROI. The top performing content category are blogposts.

The data Focus received also stresses the importance of contentmarketing and a clear and sharp focus by marketer’s on mobile. Marketer’s from B2b and b2c companies report similar technology investment priorities.

The most important technology for marketers who filled out the survey to put their money on was social media monitoring, as you can see in the chart below:

The hottest trend for 2011 is…. social media marketing, according tot the marketer’s questioned. Content marketing is number 2….

Full report
[slideshare id=8816121&doc=marketersbenchmarksurveyresultsq211-110810051124-phpapp01]

Via: Marketingfacts (Dutch).