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For me, Conversation Management is more difficult than for others because…

This sentence pops up during many workshops. The funny thing is: most brands have the tendency to think they are working in the most complex market of all.

“If you are Disney, Apple or Studio100 your story is easy, but for us… well, it’s difficult,” is a common sentence among many marketers. Now, last week I had the pleasure to give a workshop at Studio100 and they said exactly the same thing. “For us it is more difficult with these brands of ours and because we are so mediatized, if you are a FMCG brand, it is a lot easier.

And you hear this everywhere: B2B companies think that it’s easier in B2C and the other way around, the big brands think it is easier for small brands and the other way around. Funny, isn’t?

Conclusion: it’s not difficult for anyone. Question is: where are your priorities, how dedicated are you and how far are you willing to go?