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Four wonderful customer experience stories you probably didn’t know yet (Part 4)

On my Instagram (@StevenVanBelleghem) I started with a new content flow. On Tuesday and Thursday, I share a fun customer experience fact about some of the best known companies out there. I love those anecdotes because it tells us a lot about the culture of those organizations. On my blog, I will share some of the highlights every two weeks. Hope you will enjoy them.

Enjoy! Four cool anecdotes about Customer Experience!

If Zappos is out of stock in a customer’s size, agents are trained to look for shoes on competitor websites and direct customers there. Customer service at Zappos became an effort to build a relationship with customers and leave them with a good impression of the brand. Viewing customer service through that lens can help companies keep customers for the rest of their lives.


Alibaba is acquiring a strong logistics network so that the e-commerce business can deliver good customer experience along with their goods within a promised timeframe.

Patagonia doesn’t want to sell replacement items to its customers. Instead, it created repair guides on how to fix aging items as a way to encourage sustainability and limit the number of its products in landfills.

A teenager walked into a Target store to buy a clip-on tie for his first job interview, which Target does not sell. So Target employee Dennis Roberts showed the teen how to tie the tie and also offered advice on interview skills and handshakes. Another shopper named Audrey witnessed his kindness, posted the story on Facebook and it went viral.