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How Zeeman got everybody fooled at the Amsterdam Fashion Week

Dutch clothing retailer Zeeman (budget priced clothing, stating that ‘fashion shouldn’t be expensive’) last weekend pulled off a huge guerrilla marketing stunt at the Amsterdam Fashion Week, creating nice buzz on platforms like Twitter. They came up with a premium brand of clothing, called Frank, and ‘introduced’ it at the Fashion Week, where Zeeman… really has no reason of attending at all, normally speaking. Only zeven people knew about the project, over 30 freelancers worked in silence, for months.

They are getting a lot of attention on Twitter, Dutch marketing blogs are picking up the story and the largest Dutch newspaper plays it along, too, while the audience at the venue was not angry but could see the fun (although you see some annoyed faces in the above video). And, what is also well executed: some of the ‘fashion’ that was showed at the catwalk, can be bought online. Talking about starting some conversations: check in the box.