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Human versus machine: how artificial intelligence and human power increase the customer experience

Let’s talk about something that’s going to become increasingly important to the success of your business as AI advances and expands: the Human Element. But there’s something a little paradoxical about it, because it seems, on one level, the easiest thing to get right, but so rarely actually done. There are a number of wrong interpretations about the human touch. First of all, the human touch is not the easiest interface to get right. It can of course be a very reliable and powerful way to improve the customer experience and create positive sentiment among your customer base. To do it right, you need a lot of human energy. And not every human is ready for that. Let me share some examples!

I do a lot of business travel, as you might imagine. And I’ve seen and experienced a lot of business hotels around the world. To be quite honest, most of them look and feel rather the same, and I have a hard time differentiating them from each other. But this one time really stood out to me. As I was checking in, a member of the staff came over, welcomed me by name and offered me a glass of orange juice. He had remembered that I had been there before, had checked in at that time of day, and what my favorite juice is. This kind of personal touch really stuck with me. And now, my sentiment towards that hotel is in a whole different category. I might even forgive a minor mistake here or there. That’s loyalty you couldn’t buy with a million-dollar campaign. That’s the power of the Human Element.

And in the current day, when everyone is his own brand, there are places for that kind of Human Touch even when it’s just a company of one. Gary Vaynerchuk recently visited us in Belgium, and after tweeting out where he was having dinner, was deluged with hundreds of fans wanting to talk to him. And even though he didn’t have a coat, and was super-tired from travel, he still spent two hours talking to his fans who had made the trip to see him. That’s the human connection. Those fans will stay loyal, and tell other people how great he is.

This kind of person-to-person interaction is where you find your real chance to shine with your customers, and deliver them a customer experience they won’t forget. These are the easiest things to get right, and when you do, you’ll get customers for life.

Check out this video to learn more: