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LinkedIn’s personal 2010 review

The first month of 2011 is already history. We've had the reviews, the lists, the top 10, 100 or even more for the previous year. The best wishes and the corporate greetings for the one to come. Some were annoying, some were funny and consequently immediate YouTube hits, like the JibJab review for example. Most of them only caught my attention for a couple of seconds, the better ones a bit longer. Last week, I received a rather late review e-mail of 2010 that immediately got that full minute: a personalized message from LinkedIn.

Why I loved this e-mail in particular?

Because they got it all right… No unnatural link to their brand or baseline, no artificial effort to make sure we feel connected.  They simply implement what their baseline promises: “Relationships matter”.

TCM - LinkedIn picWe all use LinkedIn to keep our professional network up to date, but most of us center our time spent on LinkedIn around the notification e-mails. These notifications warn us who to congratulate, who to contact with a job proposal or who to get in touch with again. Their 2010 review e-mail compresses this information in a visual way: a selection of people who changed jobs in the previous year are mentioned, some even with first name. In my case, 84 of my 389 connections changed jobs – which is not necessarily the same as employer.

No fanciness, no sexiness. Just valuable information  and exactly what the LinkedIn brand stands for. Relationships do matter!

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