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O Burger King, how could you not see this easy opportunity?

On my last day in the States, I decided to go for the real American food: burgers! My favorite one is the American Whopper. So, before jumping on the plane, I found one and could enjoy the taste of the best burger in the world.

When I wanted to order a meal, theylady helping me with my order said that their fountain system was broken. So there were no soft drinks. No problem, for me, just give me something else. No probs she said, it will only cost you 70 cents more. And then, to be honest, I was disappointed.

Their system is down, can happen, but I have to pay for it. Not really a good conversation starter. And, they were pretty certain about their approach. Check out this sign, addressed to: our valued guests.

Burger King

How can you just NOT see such an easy opportunity to create a positive conversation out of a negative situation in your restaurant. Sometimes life is so easy, but brands just don’t see it or don’t get it. I don’t know which one is worse.