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Pay with a conversation, the new currency.

Many studies have shown that word of mouth is the key driver of growth. People talking to other people about products, services and brands are impacting businesses on a large scale.

In order to fully leverage on this, we do not only need to observe the ongoing conversations, we also need to facilitate them by activating our audiences in creative ways.

A very good application in this context is  “A social payment system where people pay with the value of their network.”

The concept is simple: you buy something, but instead of paying with real money, you pay with a tweet or a Facebook post on your wall. So you actually pay with a conversation. A genius concept.




Some nice examples:

  • The French electro-pop band “The Teenagers” are selling their new single exclusively for a Tweet:  

  • The German Hotel “Domspitzen” sells a beer for a Tweet:  

  • Keyhole Books sells all their books for a Tweet:

Offering people the opportunity to pay with a conversation is a true win-win situation. I’m sure you can think of many more possible applications.

It would be great if you could pay me with a conversation as well, by sharing your thoughts on this 🙂

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