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Pepsi & Doritos invite consumers to create the Super Bowl XLV commercial

Forget the expensive agencies that hire expensive actors to make commercials that irritate us even more than Belgian politics. Commercials should be about the people that use your product. Do those art directors really think I believe George Clooney will visit a Nespresso shop all by himself to buy some coffee cups? Doesn't that guy have staff to do the shopping for him? No, I prefer commercials with real consumers.

Some brands already realised in the past they need consumers to play an important role in their commercials. Some years ago Proximus launched the Movie Project in which they asked consumers to help them edit a new commercial. This year Pepsi & Doritos even take it one step further:

“Get your best ideas together for a Doritos or Pepsi Max brand Super Bowl XLV commercial. Make it action packed. Make it funny . Make it all or none of the above. It’s your call. (..) The finalist with the highest scoring ad wins a contract gig to work with the pros and create a future commercial for Doritos and Pepsi Max. Sound Good? We thought so.”

All contributions are placed on the website where people can vote for their favourite commercial. I already visited the gallery and was impressed by the creative talents. It made me wonder, who needs advertising agencies?

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