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Real time & geo marketing by Nike

We have all seen the Nike+ case many times. It was a great innovation: tracking running behavior and linking it to the web and friends. Now, they've gone even a step further: they included geo-marketing aspects through FourSquare and a brand new music application.

NikeIt’s a new app, called the Nike Boom app for iPhone. It works like this: they created a great music program linked to your workout plans. Depending on the sports you’re doing, they select the music. Depending on the phase you are in (warming up, going all the way) they select the music.

Another cool thing: they asked their sport celebrities to record motivating messages which they mix between the music. And of course, they link the sport activities to Facebook so your friends get live updates about your sport achievements and they can send live supporting messages if they want. Great application if you ask me, it adds even more to their Nike+ program.