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The Social Media Network Battle in The Netherlands continues

That’s some great digging Danny Oosterveer (analist at Marketingfacts, my former job) has done together with Hyves and research company comScore. When there are numbers published about social networks (in the Netherlands, but probably in every market where there’s some competition) there’s always discussion. To settle some of the arguments, the marketing blog, Hyves and comScore teamed up and came up with some new social network stats for Facebook Twitter and Hyves (Dutch).
At Marketingfacts, they conclude that it won’t take long before Facebook will overtake Hyves as the biggest social network in active users. But the time on site at Hyves is still a lot longer than on Facebook. You don’t have to be a genius to see that the rise of Facebook is huge. According to comScore it’ll take the network of Mark Zuckerberg only half a year to close the gap with Hyves. Do a little painting and you’ll get this one (made by Remi van Beekum):