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Why only gifts for new clients?

The moment you open a new bank account or you get yourself a subscription to a magazine, you have a nice feeling. The company treats you with a fun (often worthless) gift to welcome you as a new client. We all love it, but actually we don't care that much as we decided to get that service/product anyway. Do you really order that magazine because of the new agenda that you get as an incentive? I don't think so.

So, a message to companies who give incentives to new clients: consider to stop it as soon as you can! Use the energy and the budget to surprise your loyal customers. Wouldn’t it be great to get a message from your bank, saying: ‘Hi, great that you have been around for 5 years. To thank you, we give you…’. It can even be simpler: send them a card on their birthday with a small surprise attached to it.

The core is: show loyal customers that you care and that you appreciate their loyalty. The effect will be great: they will change from loyal customers into brand advocates that will drive your business.

Anyone with some good, pragmatic ideas on how companies can show their appreciation towards loyal customers?