The soundtrack of The Offer You Can’t Refuse

A book is more than a collection of letters on paper or on a screen. A book describes an idea, a story, a vision. With the writing of my books, I hope to generate enthusiasm, reveal new insights, encourage optimism and, above all, inspire a greater desire to help customers better. For this reason, I always like to add a little something extra. My previous book, Customers The Day After Tomorrow, had an added element of augmented reality. Readers were able to call up videos in which I talked with business leaders about some of the book’s practical examples. But this time I want to take things even further, by adding a musical element.

During the past few years, I have had the pleasure of working together with Piet Goddaer. Piet has been writing, composing and producing music for more than a quarter of a century. He is best known under his artist name: Ozark Henry. During his career, he has been awarded various gold and platinum discs, won the Zamu Music Award in the ‘best writer-composer-arranger’ category and has travelled the world to make people happy with his music. I asked Piet if he would be willing to compose a soundtrack for my new book. Film music has been with us for decades, but the idea of book music is something new. Piet is a great believer that a musical component can and should be added to every aspect of life. With this in mind, he is working increasingly with companies to help them to develop their own unique sound. Museums, airlines, universities and many other organisations are discovering that it is important to have their own distinctive aural identity. In this respect, music adds an extra dimension to our lives.

Music creates a certain type of atmosphere and puts us in a particular state of mind. As a result, I am happy and proud that I am now able to present to you the first ever management book with a soundtrack! Before, during and after your reading, you can enjoy the music, which will hopefully help you to engage even more closely with the ethos and ambiance of the book.

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