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Cx Strategy: The offer you can’t refuse

Having a great product and offering good service is a minimum requirement in today’s market space. It’s your ticket to ride, not your ticket to win. And the same can be said about digital convenience. Convenience is a commodity these days: if you have it, ‘fine’; if you don’t, it becomes a negative differentiator. Buying a quality product in a convenient way creates a strong transactional relationship but if you want to give your customers ‘an offer they can’t refuse’, you need to do more. In this keynote, Steven inspires you to become a ‘partner in life’ of your customers. A partner in life understands what people need and provides it at the right time in a completely personalized way. In addition to this strategy, more and more customers expect you to use your strengths to change the world for the better. The moment you can be a partner in life and create value for society on top of your minimum requirements, that’s when you’re presenting your customers with ‘an offer they can’t refuse’. This keynote will inspire you with examples from companies from all over the world who adopted this approach to make a difference for their clients.