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If you want an in-depth exploration of Steven’s content, consider booking one of his masterclasses. In these sessions, Steven delves much deeper into the material than during a keynote, and there is ample opportunity for interaction and discussion with your team.

The Diamond in the Rough Masterclass

In today’s competitive marketplace, Customer Culture emerges as your most unparalleled business advantage. Innovations, product designs, and marketing strategies might be replicable by competitors; however, the unique essence of your customer culture remains irreplicable. Its rarity makes it a formidable tool in capturing the hearts and loyalty of both existing and prospective customers.

This masterclass, led by Steven Van Belleghem, is designed to empower your company with the strategies to cultivate a robust customer culture. Through a series of effective steps, any organization can embark on this transformative journey.

By hosting this masterclass within your organization, you not only gain inspiration but also the actionable insights needed to bring this vision to life.

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The Never Normal Masterclass

The world is more unpredictable than ever, presenting business leaders with many economic, geopolitical, societal and ecological challenges. Some see these Never Normal evolutions as a threat, but this Executive Masterclass together with Peter Hinssen and CX and company culture expert Steven Van Belleghem has been designed to help you see possibilities, from two sides:

  1. How can you turn these challenges into innovative business strategies?
  2. How can you design a culture that actively puts customers and their needs at the core of your company?
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