How to become a shiny diamond workbook

In my sixth management book ‘A Diamond in the Rough’ I wanted to answer the ‘HOW’ question. HOW can you build a customer-centric culture in your organization? A customer-centric culture will be one of the most differentiating factors in the business world in the coming years. To give my readers an extra boost, I have created this workbook. With this workbook you can really take those first steps to make your culture even more customer-centric.

The CX leader’s manual to customer excellence

As I look back at the past year, I can see a clear common thread running through the content I created during that period. And I believe that our dramatically changed context may have had something to do with that. Before I explain what I mean by that, allow me to expand a little bit: the COVID-19 pandemic and all the restrictions to fight it pretty much catapulted us back to basics. We were no longer allowed to travel (initially not even locally), see a movie, go to a restaurant, shop for clothes, work at the office or invite friends over.

The internet of customer value

These are truly interesting times for those of us who are passionate about CX. We have front row seats to the emergence of the next internet model with a completely new type of enhanced interface and an empowered role for the customer. If Web3 and the metaverse (and their combination) deliver on their promise, the relationship between brands and consumers will be completely redefined: power will shift, communities will grow, loyalty will transform, expectations will rise and perhaps the way we conduct economy will even change.

From CX to XC (Ex-Customers)

Those who’ve read my blogs, listened to my podcasts or follow ‘Steven’s week’, will know that I’ve become exceedingly focused on automated buying, personalized AI platforms and the future of customer experience in these past few months. I talked and wrote a lot about how AI platforms like Amazon Alexa will change our relationship with customers, when they move in between us: about the impact on our brands, our communication, trusted gatekeepers, marketing to machines, subscription models as a possible solution and the importance of customer reviews.