A Diamond in the rough

There is a big paradox in the world of customer experience right now: every company has wonderful intentions to make their customers happy but in reality the quality of execution is often average to low. In many cases, the best intentions don’t progress beyond the PowerPoint presentation. Over the past twelve years, Steven has spoken extensively with thousands of CX professionals and his conclusion is that most companies are a ‘diamond in the rough’ in terms of customer experience: they want it so badly but they don’t succeed. In this brand-new management book Steven explains how to transform that diamond in the rough into a shiny diamond. This is a story about infusing your organization with real Customer Culture. This narrative will help you understand why teams don’t act upon your request to become more customer centric; it will make you see how small changes make a huge difference and it will give you the right tools to install a customer culture throughout your organization.


Terwijl de wereld in 2048 op zijn kop staat door de dreiging van een digitale oorlog is Romy Bell met haar zoon Milo op sneeuwvakantie. Na jaren in de spotlights kiest ze nu voor een leven in de luwte. Tot het digitale overheidsprofiel van Milo opeens verdwijnt. Voor ze het goed en wel beseft, raakt Romy opnieuw betrokken in een kluwen van internationale complotten en levensbedreigende aanslagen. Wie is nog te vertrouwen? Kan Romy opnieuw het ethische kompas worden dat ze altijd is geweest? Of is dit de gebeurtenis te veel? En hoe groot is het gevaar van een digitale oorlog echt?

The Offer You Can’t Refuse

This last decade has been characterized by the introduction of 4G, social media and mobile services. These technologies have given rise to a new minimum in terms of customer experience. Customers expect ease of use, friendly and empathic staff, omnichannel services and competitive prices. In the years to come, customer experience will reach a whole new level.

The internet of customer value

These are truly interesting times for those of us who are passionate about CX. We have front row seats to the emergence of the next internet model with a completely new type of enhanced interface and an empowered role for the customer. If Web3 and the metaverse (and their combination) deliver on their promise, the relationship between brands and consumers will be completely redefined: power will shift, communities will grow, loyalty will transform, expectations will rise and perhaps the way we conduct economy will even change.

De Upgrade

Vier jaar na haar ontslag bij X-COM leidt Romy Bell een internationale organisatie die toeziet op het ethische kader bij medische vooruitgang. Dankzij de indrukwekkende technologische evolutie sinds 2025 zijn baby’s op maat al lang geen uitzondering meer. Maar bij een undercoveroperatie in een DNA-lab in Londen ontdekken Romy en haar team nog meer: virussen op maat. Voor wie zijn deze virussen bedoeld? Waarom worden ze gemaakt?


The day is November 25th, 2041. A car takes a sharp left on San Francisco’s San Mateo Bridge and drives off it seconds later. For a self-driving car, this is nothing short of an inexplicable phenomenon. Romy Bell, a programmer with high tech company X-Com, is immediately concerned. And then there’s that strange audio recording, a second car crash and security people who seem to be chasing Romy.

Customers the day after tomorrow

Customers the Day after Tomorrow is a story about the future of customer relations in a world of artificial intelligence, automation and bots. In this book, companies find out what the investment axes are to win the heart and business of customers in the next five to ten years.

When digital becomes human

There is an urgent need for an extreme transformation of the customer relationship. Customers live in a world of self service, big data, customer automation and the integration of the online & offline world. If your organization fails to implement the digital relation, your future becomes very uncertain. Succeeding in the digital transformation will not be enough. As a consequence of the digital evolution, there is also a need for the human transformation of your customer relationship.

The Conversation Company

The Conversation Company will help your organization become a business in which people are the key driver of growth, sharing engaging content and building the company’s culture and business objectives. People now expect any brand to have a ‘human’ face and you need to define a clear set of values for both employees and customers, incorporating them in your marketing so that all company communication reflects the DNA of your organization.

The Conversation Manager

Mobile devices, new digital technologies and the increasing popularity of social media all contribute to the ever-growing gap between internet-savvy consumers and traditional means of advertising. With the old tried-and-fall behind, need to find novel ways to engage with the new-sprung breed of consumers. To do this, learning to listen and communicate with your consumers is critical.