Activation by combining Facebook’s ‘who’ and Twitter’s ‘what’ at Foursquare!

Home Activation by combining Facebook’s ‘who’ and Twitter’s ‘what’ at Foursquare!

Using apps like Foursquare now makes that a mobile phone rapidly becomes the new loyalty card: companies like Pepsico en Heineken are using the location-based social networking site too.  PepsiCo are teaming up with Foursquare to reinvent the way grocery store shoppers think about location-based rewards and checkins. As part of the deal, Safeway has integrated Foursquare into its VonsClub loyalty program for a three-month pilot program.  End of last year, Pepsico in the US teamed up with Foursquare in an attempt to reinvent grocery store loyalty programmes. The crux of Pepsico’s Foursquare program is that consumers can link their Foursquare accounts to unlock PepsiCo rewards every time they shop. Shoppers who link their accounts will earn instant Foursquare rewards on PepsiCo products –  in the form of coupons printed at the register – at the time of sale. Rewards are also personalized to the user and tied to the types of badges a Foursquare user has already unlocked.

heSince last month, Dutch consumers can now earn points for discounts in He ineken’s Dutch e-shop. Foursquare users can link their account to their profile in order to earn 10 points with each check in at a participating bar, cafe or club that sells Heineken.  The points can be redeemed for things like merchandise, tickets to sold-out concerts and VIP tickets to parties.So if in today’s reality brand relationships are being built by providing meaningful branded experiences, these two examples are here to stay.  Using the location based service; Heineken’s initiative even takes customer experiences to the next level in this initiative by encouraging conversations between friends: those Foursquare users who encourage five of their friends to sign up as well on get a 50 point bonus and those with a Heineken e-card receive double points. And this matters: positive recommendations generate referral value and new users of the loyalty programme as a result.