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Increase check-ins with 33% by investing 1.000$

This is not a story about a small local brand, no; it's a story about McDonald's. With a smart campaign on Foursquare, they increased their in-store traffic with 33%: amazing!

Rick Wion, head of Social Media at McDonald’s, believes strongly in organizing small pilot programs to see what works and what doesn’t.

This is how it happened: McDonald’s contacted Foursquare to sponsor their Foursquare day on April 16. The deal was very simple: McDonald’s would offer 100 giftcards to Foursquare users who checked into a McDonald’s restaurant. Rather than offer coupons to every person who checked into a McDonald’s that day, Wion decided to choose random winners. While not guaranteed a prize, many users checked into McDonald’s for the chance to win the $5 and $10 giftcards. Based on this campaign, McDonald’s saw an increase of 33% in check-ins from the day prior.

Another nice benefit: their number of followers and fans increased with 600.000!