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Starbucks still most popular brand on Facebook

Some marketers still tend to believe that people take pure rational buying decisions. But let's face it, people and brands: it's all about emotions. Problem is that there is no real emotional brand value study in which brands can monitor their emotional evolution.

The proxy that I like to use to measure the emotional strength of a brand is the number of fans a brand has on Facebook. We know that about one out of three Facebook users is at least fan of one brand. Besides, in order to become a fan, you need to click on a button. You could say that it is a choice you make to link your own image to the image of the brand. Adding all these aspects together, I feel the number of fans could be quite a good index to measure the emotional value of your brand.

So, I took a look at the current status of the most popular brands on Facebook (source: and here’s the top 10:

Popular brands on Facebook