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The Third Phase of Digitization: how an AI first mindset boosts your customer experience

The technology world is on the verge of a new set of transformations - The Third Phase of Digitization. What does this mean? Well, in the First Phase, with the initial introduction of the web, it was all about making information accessible to more people. The Second Phase was about mobile and the introduction of social media. But now, the Third Phase is going to be about the switch to being AI-first. Artificial Intelligence is at the rise. The biggest changes in the short run will be focussed around the customer experience. The shift will be profound, and you’re going to have to start thinking about the customer the Day after Tomorrow.

There are three major customer benefits that will change the customer experience for the good.The first one of these customer benefits is what I call “Faster-than-real-time Customer Service.” Once AI has sufficient contextual awareness, it’s going to start to anticipate, rather than just react to, customer needs.

The second big customer benefit is going to center on the hyper-personalization of services customers receive. Over the last century, we’ve become accustomed to services we received to be designed for the average customer, and then maybe some of it fits our needs. But with improvements in AI, the customer experience is about to turn to individualized services for every customer.

The third customer benefit are the most convenient customer benefits the world has ever soon. We are moving into an effortless world.

Check out this video to learn more: