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Visit New York & experience Sex and the City locations through iPhone App

Are you a fan of Sex & the City? Well, next time you go to New York, download their iPhone App. It will guide you through the city, so you can experience the show's key locations.

Sex & the City appIt’s a 1,99$ App and offers you details about 120 locations including restaurants, bars & apartments. The App works through GPS so it is pretty easy to use. Nothing new you could say. Also pretty late that an app like this is invented for this show, don’t you think?

The learning for me is that this App was not created by the people behind the TV show, but by another media company. Today, TV producers & managers are still thinking in terms of DVD’s, CD’s, … as additional business lines for their popular shows. It’s time that mobile applications should play a bigger part in it. This can make TV really interactive.