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Which aspects of your social media strategy are you showing off?

In the last few months, Dado Van Peteghem and me had the opportunity to interview a bunch of very interesting people from different international companies. We talked about the integration of social media in their organization. One of the things that strikes me is the enormous amount of investments these companies made to get the basics right. I mean things like education and getting the right infrastructure for their team.

You know what I observed? Well, you can know how advanced a company is in integrating social media by the facts they use to show off.

Most companies tell the world about their number of fans. Others talk about some brilliant campaign they ran. In most cases, this campaign invested a limited amount in paid media, but the earned media is booming. We’ve seen a few of those, haven’t we.

But if a company is really advanced in social media integration, they show off with something else. They tell the world how many employees have been fully trained in using social media. Last week during a conference in Canada, Dell told the world that they have more than 8000 fully trained people.