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Our presentation about the Insites Consulting Social Media Around the World Study 2011 got featured on the homepage of SlideShare, wednesday. Yes, we like that: we got a lot of extra attention and views on our work and we much appreciate it. Next to our presentation, was a presentation about Facebook published a week ago. It was called: 10 quick facts you should know about consumer behavior on Facebook. Very interesting to take a look at, I’ve embedded it below.

This, according to the authors, independent research was conducted through the CMB Consumer Pulse and was supported by Constant Contact. The data was collected from 1,491 consumers, age 18+ in the United States through the Research Now online panel. Data was collected through a 15 minute online questionnaire fielded in January of 2011.

Unlike your like
Wow: 76 percent of the people who liked a brand, didn’t ever unlike a brand (see slide 8). They didn’t EVER unlike a brand. This reminds me about this blogpost: “How many times did you hit the “Unlike†button on Facebook?” Well, that question is answered for now. I think it’s in a way very strange that people never unlike. It’s easy, it’s free but maybe they cannot find the button. Or: they just don’t care. Once on Facebook, a brand is happy with the rising amount of fans they have on their brandpage (we are, too). But: what’s worth a like if people don’t ever dislike? Think about it. I myself am not totally sure what to think about this.