20 eye catching facts from our global Social Media study

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Our 2011 ‘Social Media around the World’-study was conducted in 35 countries and more than 9.000 people participated in it. The amount of information we captured is pretty impressive so we’re happy to share everything with you.

To warm up: these are 20 eye-catching facts about social media:

  1. Awareness of Facebook is close to 100%. More than 1 billion people are using social networks.
  2. There is more than Facebook. In Europe, surfers use on average 1,9 social networks. In the USA it is 2,1; in India 1,8 and in Brazil 3,1.
  3. An average Facebook session lasts 37 minutes, on Twitter it is 23 minutes. More than 400 million people use Facebook daily.
  4. There is a big Twitter paradox: 80% awareness versus 16% adoption.
  5. Vkontakte is big in Eastern Europe. Awareness 55%, adoption 39%.
  6. Difficult times for new social networks. 60% does not want to join any additional social network.93% is happy with what they have and doesn’t want to increase or decrease.
  7. Big social networks will get bigger and the small will get smaller. Facebook has high adoption but also a very high intention to join among non-members. It’s the power of owning the network.
  8. People connect online with their offline friends. Social networks are a place to connect with people you already know.
  9. More than half of the social network users are connected to brands.
  10. Offline brand experiences are the main online conversation starters.
  11. People become a fan on Facebook because they like the product, not because of advertising.
  12. 42% posted branded content on a social network.
  13. Consumers want to be in the boardroom, 44% is open to take part in co-creation sessions.
  14. Positive experiences are bigger conversation starters than negative experiences. People like to share positive stories.
  15. Consumers prefer e-mail over social networks to ask a question to a company.
  16. 2 out of 3 employees are proud about their profession, but only 19% shares stories about the company they work in.
  17. 38% of the internet users have a smartphone. They are more intensive users of social media than people without a smartphone.
  18. On average, people install 25 apps on their smartphone. They only use 12 of them, mainly social network applications.
  19. 12% of the smartphone users is using location-based services.
  20. 4% of the smartphone users are familiar with augmented reality.

Below you can find the full presentation which features these eye-catching facts and thousands of other answers to your questions. In the next few days, we’ll share more stories about this study with you.

[slideshare id=9249498&doc=socialmediaaroundtheworld2011-110914000406-phpapp01]

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