28% of your clients is hiding in a pot of gold

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I always had the gut feeling that every company has, what I call, a pot of gold. My definition of this pot of gold is a group of customers who are happy with your services but don’t share their feeling with others. You could say they are happy but silent clients.

Now, that’s a shame. Imagine that all these people start to share stories about this company. The impact would be huge.

The news is: now we have evidence (thanks to Matthias Dusselier, @dussem). InSites Consulting conducted a customer experience survey in different European countries and we found the pot of gold. On average the pot of gold consists of 28% of your clients. A pretty nice pot of gold if you ask me.

Just imagine what happens if you activate them. Most companies don’t think in such a way. They think about happy and unhappy clients. For me the real challenge are these people.