3 questions marketers & technology freaks need to sort out

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I guess they are both right. But you won’t solve this problem by avoiding each other. The truth is both parties can add so much value if they are open for each other’s ideas.

There is currently a huge need for people with a clear view on technology but with the ability to translate this vision into the needs of a marketer. These are three domains where the marketer could really use some help:

1. The truth about technology: how important are Apps?

iPadWhat is the penetration of the iPad and which audiences are using it today. Before a marketer invests, he needs to have his business case ready. Let’s help him by getting the facts right. Important to know: is this a hype or is it already adopted by the early majority.

2. How do audiences use new technology?

What do people like on new technology? Technology freaks have the tendency to show what a technology can do. A marketer is interested in what the average user of the technology will do. How do people engage with brands through this technology? If technology freaks make this so high tech as possible, the marketer won’t buy into it.

3. How to manage it?

A marketer will have a bunch of practical questions. They think in terms of business plans, budgets and timings. So, as a technology expert, the goal is to make the new technology as manageable as possible. Having answers to questions as: what will it cost to?…. how long does it take to implement?… how can I link this with my other marketing campaigns?… are crucial to have impact.

Do you see other challenges and needs where marketers and technology freaks could learn from each other?