3 reasons why offering free Wifi matters

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I’m simply disappointed if I’m in a place with no available network, or even worse: a protected network. I feel a bit abandoned. I might use my mobile data subscription, but that still don’t offers the same experience. Traders should really think about the value of offering free Wifi to people.

Here are 3 reasons to do so:

1.  People will appreciate you for it. And they might spend some more money.

Offering Wifi is a customer service thing. It can differentiate you from competitors. People want to stay connected with their social networks all the time. If you facilitate that connection, people will appreciate you for it.

You can even attract new customers. Many people need a quick Internet connection to send an urgent e-mail or download a critical file. How great would it it be if you could help them out. Chances are big that they will spend some money in your place in the mean time.

2.  You can welcome your customers.

It’s possible to welcome people who access your free network. A great opportunity to get in touch and provide them with some updates, news, information about new products,…Or just wishing them a pleasant stay at your place. Your free network can simply be an extra touchpoint.

3.  People are encouraged to talk about you and your offering.

Offering free Wifi will trigger more conversations. People are willing to talk about you and your products, you just have to enable them to do so. Especially with the rise of location based social networks like Foursquare and Gowalla you should offer optimal Internet access. More people will check into your location, and drive word of mouth, if you connect them to the Web.

In mid-January last year McDonalds started providing free Wi-Fi access in  11,000 of their restaurants, giving people another reason to visit their fast food chain. During summer Starbucks also started offering free Wi-Fi nationwide, with no registration or account required.



I think we should adapt to their models.

So in short this is a call to action to all traders to start offering free Wifi access. And if you’re still in charging mode: let’s get rid of the access fees for your Internet, and think in conversational value.

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