4 cool Customer Experience examples you probably didn’t know yet (part 6)

Home 4 cool Customer Experience examples you probably didn’t know yet (part 6)

The average activation number on TikTok is 43.4 times a day! Assuming the fact that we are active during 16 hours a day (excluding sleeping time), we can see that the average user activated the app around 3 times per hour. 40% of users activate the app between 21 and 50 times, and 30% of them activate the app more than 51 times.

Even if the Starbuck’s app is not an online payment platform, it continues to dwarf the likes of Google Pay and Samsung Pay users in terms of online payments made in the US. The reason for this popularity has a lot to do with the popularity of Starbucks itself but the personalised experience the brand delivers through its mobile app is the key to its success. Customers can place orders and pick them up in-store and Starbucks has also gamified the customer experience by rewarding them with points for every purchase, which can be exchanged for freebies at a later date.

Hema has developed its own app to process orders and their success is making its presence felt. With more than 1,000 orders per day per supermarket (with surface areas of about 5,000 m2) and delivery times of between 15 and 30 minutes if the customer lives within a 5 km radius of the store, they offer 24 hour services.

It seems like an obvious choice for most of us digital consumers, yet many retailers still don’t have this option in place. This is the first step towards omnichannel retailing, a cross-channel shopping experience that today’s consumers demand and Burberry pioneered.