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SocialMediaExaminer yesterday published an article that is very interesting for everyone trying to create conversation worthy stuff, or could use a little help in conversation strategy. At SME, they took the example of the launching of a book and how you can make that happen using social media. Of course, you can use the 9 ways to market a book via social media Michael Stelzner’s written also for other products. Not any kind of product, of course, but there’s a lot of nice ideas and inspiration that can be found in the article.

“Back in the old days, book promotion heavily relied on the traditional press. I remember the challenge of promoting my first book (Writing White Papers)  back in 2006. I had to work with journals and print magazines—and their long editorial cycles. I also needed to speak at physical events and perform many other time-consuming tasks.”

Things have changed. Bloggers are the new press, people that like your book spread it on their networks, consumers are empowered and are making their way into the boardroom, you don’t need critical journalists anymore (only) to get your story to a potentially big audience.

Below you can find the 9 steps, without context. Read the full article on the website of SocialMediaExaminer, we like it and we’re going to try and use them in our next publications. Are you?

#1: Embed a Retweet button in a free chapter of the book
#2: Create a “Spread the Word†page
#3: Design a Facebook photo contest
#4: Organize a Top 50 Bloggers promotion
#5: Broadcast live videos with experts#6: Add social share buttons
#6: Add social share buttons
#7: Add Facebook Comments
#8: Leverage photos on Facebook
#9: Create fun videos