A Food Pyramid for Content Marketing

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Overheard at a recent conference, “it’s not about content anymmore, but about context.” I believe there’s no context without content. And that there can be content without context. Euhm…. Very interesting, don’t you think? As we’re trying to be a conversation company here at Insites, adhering the conversation management philosophy, a lot of what I and we at the marketing department do, comes down to content marketing as a tactic. Last week, I saw this beautiful pyramid about just that: a pyramid of content marketing made by the contentmarketinginstitute. Check it out:
Content Marketing PyramidSo, what do we see here? The three concepts curation, creativity and coordination form the base of the pyramid because without all of these elements your content marketing efforts will fail. Then, there’s the middle section: “a huge part of any healthy content marketing menu,” Tracy Gold writes. Then, there’s the almost-top: Videos and case studies. And then, there’s the top:

Content such as webinars and eBooks are essential for capturing leads. People are generally willing to submit their contact information in exchange for significant content like this. Once you have that, your sales team can contact any qualified leads. However, you’ll be hard pressed to get people to sign up to download a webinar or eBook if you haven’t already convinced them of your expertise by giving them quality content that is easily accessible as well.

More context 🙂 in the initial blogpost by Tracy Gold. Wondering what you think about this pyramid. Is the sequence of importance right, or are there any changes needed in your opinion?