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This video only takes 7 minutes of your time and is giving you a down to earth wake-up call on the changes going on. He kicks off, in his own style (which I love), by explaining that we all say what we are not going to do, why he believes the opportunity lies in what we ARE going to do. Gary is pointing out that no matter what industry you are in, one day you will be in the customer service business, we need to start caring about our consumers.

Gary confirms what you can read in the book ‘The Conversation Manager’: The world is changing and everyone has an audience and a voice. He uses an example of his brother going to a restaurant … nice one! Gary very often gets the question after he was on stage … how do you scale the efforts? ‘Scale is important, of course, but I can try’ is his answer. Caring is massively underestimated.

By the way, I also love my parents a lot 🙂 For those who get fascinated by Gary and want to see another nice video, check this one. Gary talks about his person, his family, his road to winelibrary.com, honesty, numbers of followers and the emotion of the audience, consistency, relationships, mobile allowing us to be lazy, Google and Facebook on search, …