Being positive is what people like

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And I always get a lot of energy of working together with competitors. Because truth is: we’re also good friends even though we steal business away from each other.

In the old days, companies tried to keep their competitors as far away from their clients as possible. And it gave us a great feeling: we had the illusion that our clients didn’t talk to our competitors! Today, we work together with our competitors and our clients just love it. They get more value, get to meet more interesting people and the energy is high. And the cool thing is, we all bring positive stories.

As Rijn Vogelaar (@rijn) said yesterday: we researchers have been a big pain in the ass for most brands in the last 50 years. We only focused on negative stories and gave feedback on what clients did not like. I’m happy that we are changing this as well: both my Conversation Manager story as the Super Promoter story of Rijn are focusing on the positive things in live. It is so much more fun to focus on positive conversations and happy clients than focusing on the negative elements of your brand.

My conclusion of the day: life is beautiful when you have happy clients. Well, leverage on their stories and create a stream of positive conversations of your super promoters.