Betterfood: thanks for open communication and acting upon it!

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BetterfoodA product that we trust so much, we give it so often to our kids (and they love it), could be dangerous. That’s difficult to accept for me!

Diving into the news, things sound a little less shocking. On the box of the product, Kraft recommends parents to give the cookie together with some juice or milk. This makes the cookie softer and easier for your kids to eat. Now, a few parents warned Kraft that their baby almost choked on a Betterfood cookie (because they didn’t soften the cookie as recommended). Instead of keeping this of the radar, Kraft acts very open and proactive. They decided to change the package of the product by adding a more clear and visible warning on how to give their cookies to smaller babies.

They are not waiting for a new shipment of products to do so, no, they are removing all their packages from retail stores as we speak. People won’t be able to buy them for a few weeks because of that. An enormous loss of turnover and huge additional costs for them, but they still decided to do so. I think it’s a great example of open communication and proactive behavior to avoid real dramas with their product.

Acting upon the safety of your consumers no matter what the cost is for your company, is probably a good investment in client trust and building a long term relationship.