Change management toolkit: implementing conversations and consumer connect

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So, you crafted a fancy consumer connect strategy. You have a great plan to make every company touchpoint worth sharing. Now what?

People in general are hesitant to change their ways. It is key to involve them, educate them, give ownership and give them time to learn, experiment and fail. That makes change management is the hardest part of implementing a strategy.

Change mechanisms: implementing conversations and consumer connect

So here are four change mechanisms:

  1. Workshops, training and coaching A large part of implementing new thoughts and tools is sensibilizing and education the organization. Purpose is to change personal, structural and cultural skills and knowledge.
  2. Pilot projects Pilot projects are outpost of consumer connect implementation. They have clearly defined scopes and goals and help the organization learn, change and set next steps.Also read “Using pilot projects in your social media strategy”.
  3. Social power What people within the organization can collaborate with us to implement consumer connect? Who can help us spread the word, influence peers and take our efforts to the next level?
  4. Guidelines & Best practices Guidelines, procedures to set boundaries and guides for consumer connect (converging) and best practices to stimulate inspiration (diverging).

Let’s bring some change 🙂