Checklist: customising your Facebook page before promoting it

Home Checklist: customising your Facebook page before promoting it

For Facebook, Profiles represent individuals and must be held under an individual name, while Pages allow an organization, business, celebrity, or band to maintain a professional presence on Facebook.

Do you represent a real organisation, or are you an authorised representative of one? Then use this short checklist to set it up before you start promoting your Page with invites and Facebook Ads.

Profile Picture

☠Create a Profile Picture of 180 pixels wide and between 180 and 540 pixels high.

☠Check how the automatically generated 50×50 pixel Profile Picture thumbnail looks when you post on your Wall. If you don’t like it, Change Picture > Edit Thumbnail to drag the picture until you like the result.

Left-column Navigation

☠Check if your Profile Picture’s height doesn’t obscure your Navigation’s visibility. If it does, make your Profile Picture less high.

☠Prune your Navigation items by clicking “Edit” just below them. Hide (“x”) or move the items until you like the result. Only Wall and Info can’t be moved.

About Box

☠Write a description of your brand, company or organisation in maximum 240 characters (of which the first 78 are shown) and publish it in the “About” section.

Likes — Page Favorites

☠Let your Page can “Like” other Pages to have them show up in the Likes box. Facebook will randomly show 5 of them.

☠Edit page > Featured > Edit featured likes to decide which “likes” to feature in the Likes box.


☠Upload at least 5 Photos. The 5 most recent ones will form the Photo Strip on top of your Page.

☠Upload and remove from the Strip until you like the result. Keep in mind that you can’t change the order of the pictures, but you can hide them from the strip one by one.

Wall (Custom Tabs)

☠Edit page > Manage permissions > Default Landing Tab to design a custom “Welcome” tab to convert visitors of your Page into Fans

☠For a quick start, use a hosted 520 pixels wide JPG file for your Welcome Tab. If you’re ready for it, replace it with a full blown iFrame app.