Combination of traditional media and conversations = POWER

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Vtm organized this campaign without mentioning that they were behind this advertisement. It was a test case to prove the power of TV as an advertising medium.

The results of the case are amazing, the awareness of the team increased from 3% towards 60% in a few weeks. Next to that, they had more than 40,000 visitors on their website during the campaign. More importantly, during their last game they had 400 fans present (their average used to be 15).

VTM advertising results

The result of this campaign is due to two factors: it was a great movie, made by LDV and VTM. Next to that, almost everyone I know talked about this campaign, everyone was wondering who was behind the campaign.

The moment a TV campaign becomes a conversation starter, the impact increases enormously. Traditional media still work fine, as long as you see the ad as the beginning of the campaign and not the end of it.