Content Marketing Step 6: Measuring success

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The last 5 days, we explained to you how you should set up your content marketing strategy. The last step is setting up a measuring system to carefully monitor your content marketing KPIs. Knowing which KPIs to measure depends mainly on the objectives you set for your content strategy. However, we advise to use different layers of KPI setting:

  • KPI’s with direct impact on the business objectives of your company. In most cases this will be linked to financial performance. KPIs to use are lead generation or direct conversion to sales.
  • KPI’s with direct impact on the marketing objectives of your company. Content Marketing can help in boosting awareness of your brand(s). It can help to increase the overall identification with the brand(s).
  • KPI’s related to conversations. Conversations are the driver of consumer decision making, thus the driver of business growth. An important KPI for your content marketing is measuring the number of conversations, the sentiment of conversations and the impact of conversations.

One of the methods we use at InSites Consulting to measure the impact of conversations is our ‘Conversation Mapping’ methodology. This method measures both the online and offline conversations about your category and your brand. It is the ideal start of building a content strategy. It helps you in selecting the right domains and to follow up whether the strategy works or not. More details about this method can be found in this PowerPoint: