Do you know the Twitter hour of truth for your brand?

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We discovered that the moment of the day is a big influencer in the type of brands people mention in their tweets. During the morning hours, we found quite some tweets mentioning Gilette. Sounds pretty dangerous to me: shaving & tweeting at the same time :o)

During the morning, many tweets talk about the morning shows on the different radio stations. Most Belgian media tweets during the morning are about Q-Music. As soon as the morning show with Ornelis & Rogiers starts: we saw a peak of tweets coming up. The more aspirational and expensive brands pop up later during the day.

A funny finding: between 8 and 11pm, there was an increase in tweets of snacking products. Suddenly people tweeted about Pringles, Bifi & Zwan sausage.

Twitter helps you to better understand the different usage moments of your brand. Knowing the Twitter moment of truth for your brand can help you with your traditional advertising as well. Knowing what people relate to your brand and when they talk most about it, could become an interesting resource to optimize your media planning for instance.