Don’t underestimate the corporate blog: 8 advantages

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Research from eMarketer shows the plans of corporate America towards blogs. By the end of 2012, more than 4 out of 10 companies will have their own blog.

I’m also a strong believer of blogs in conversation management.
It holds several advantages:

  • a blog gives you a platform where you can tell your own stories in your own style and approach.
  • a blog is owned media: nobody can change the rules except you.
  • it is multi-media: you can insert video’s, slides, pictures…
  • when something happens (e.g. a crisis) you have your own platform to send clear communication, you don’t need to rely on other media to tell your own story.
  • A great way to put your employees in the spotlight. Companies like Cisco & Kodak have a small army of employees blogging
  • it has impact on your search results. The chances that possible clients find you is increasing because of the long tail of content that you produce
  • there is a possibility to interact with your clients. They can react and you can build a small client community based on content marketing.
  • it’s offering content, it’s not selling: so you give clients a reason to visit your site more often and to get more attached to your brand & your content.