Essence for 2011: Business relevance of social media

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Here you can find a link to the winners. Thanks to everybody who voted for me and shared my presentation with other. And quite frankly, I’m happy with the 18.000 views my presentation had.

My favorite of the top 3 is: Social media for business. 

Most of you will say: ‘not really something new’. True, but it is a good summary of a vision we all share. It’s also a pretty nice format in which this story is brought. And it has the right focus: creating business value by using social media in a smart way.

Main message is: in 2011 companies don’t want innovative stuff, they want business relevance. What is the business relevance of the revolution we are in. How can we integrate social media into our current processes, or do we need to re-think our processes. Key question: how can we create and leverage positive conversations to create structural growth for our business.

Key words for 2011 in social media: business relevance!