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Every company has its stories. Some are known around the world, for instance how Disney started and became a global brand, and some are less known. A new form of marketing is finding these stories are try to use them as conversation starters. Consumers are more interested in stories than in advertising.

There are many places where you will find stories, but this list is a good place to start:

1.The story of the foundation of your company. Many companies have a great, almost heroic history. Find out if your employees know this story and if your clients do. This is a great one to boost the emotional bonding between your company, your employees and your clients.

2. Your culture. Every company has a culture and every culture leads to certain stories. I gave a workshop at a private banker once. And, I have to be honest in this, I really thought that this would be a boring group of people, based upon the perception I had from their advertising. But when I started talking to these people, I learned that they have a culture of fun and organizing great parties. Maybe these stories could help to create a warmer image.

3. Clients. Many clients have these amazing stories about some of your employees who did an amazing job. Finding these testimonials and doing something with is, is quite remarkable as well.

4. Listen to your team. Your team will tell heroic stories as well. I once heard a story of a nurse (from Wit-Gele Kruis) that was doing whatever she could to help her patient. This nurse even went to the hospital to brief the local doctors and nurses about the patient. She did this in her free time, but the information was crucial for this patient. This is an heroic story, don’t you think. I’m sure you have them in your company as well.

5. Informal moments at work. Most companies are focusing on spreading formal content. But why not create informal content as well. A fun moment at work, something that gives you a warm feeling or just something cool can be a fun story about your company.

Find your story and use it as a conversation starter. Any other suggestions about stories & conversations?