Five marketing souvenirs from France

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Here we go:

1. Branded utility: Driving to the south can be tiring (certainly after a team building trip with InSites ),so this sprinkling system came in quite handy. A nice example of branded utility by APRR.

Souvenir 1

2. Commercial pharmacists in France: Compared to most pharmacists, the ones in France seem to understand that they are actually running a store. Selling medication can be done in a more commercial, promotional way according to them. I could appreciate that

Souvenir 2

3. Digital newspaper printing: This is a great service. By digital newspaper printing, people in this hotel had access to 1400 newspapers. You received the paper of your own country, early in the morning in full color. Never seen it before, but could appreciate it a lot.

Souvenir 3

4. Making a brand positioning statement: Showing your brand positioning without showing your own products. It’s what Gucci is doing in Cannes with this boat. A great yacht is standing close to the ocean to make it clear how premium Gucci is. Hunderds of people were taking pictures of it.

Souvenir 4

5. Security above all, you can always have a heart attack over here: After a steep walk, some people may get a heart attack; that must have been the thought of the owners of this tourist attraction. Preventive measures to ensure your visitors, or is it the other way around.

Souvenir 5