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Attracting customers’ attention is what we all want to do and LinkedIn has always kept this in mind. LinkedIn became a large social network with millions of members and is an obvious tool for business nowadays. Different buttons are already introduced in the last years, the “share†button and the “recommend†button are good examples. The new “share†button gives us the opportunity to share different articles with our network, the “recommend†button was, as we see it now, a first step in the direction of the new “Follow†button (see: TechCruch).

The new LinkedIn “Follow†button tries to increase awareness about different brands and companies that are now on LinkedIn. Followers can receive updates and get more information by one click on the “follow†button; following a company gives you also the opportunity to get into contact with a certain company. This new option is already known by Facebook and Twitter so it’s not THAT surprising, but it’s another step in the “socializing” of LinkedIn. Check the video below for more information!