Four cool Customer Experiences examples you probably didn’t know yet (episode 7)

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Didi, the Uber of China, tries to predict 15 minutes in advance when people will need a car and dispatches the car ahead of time. In contrast, when you call a taxi in Belgium, you need to wait for (at least) 15 minutes before they get there.


A bridesmaid traveled to Costa Rica for her sister’s wedding. Once arrived, she realized that her much-needed bridesmaids dress was still in Texas. Shipping companies could not get the dress to her until after the wedding. She felt hopeless, until a Twitter plea to Southwest Airlines was answered. The airline stepped up and got the dress to the bridesmaid on time for the big day. This over-the-top gesture from Southwest had many employees working to make one single customer (and a bride) very, very happy.

Upon hearing a blind customer needed help navigating the store and filling his cart, Walmart employee Brittany Walton felt the need to assist. So she asked a fellow employee to take her position behind the customer service counter, and she spent two hours guiding the customer through the aisles.

LEGO has developed a set of bricks, which have been designed to expose children to braille from a young age. Each LEGO Braille brick has raised bumps that have been modified to correspond to a letter or character of the braille alphabet. Each brick also has a printed letter or character to allow children who are blind or have low vision to learn and play alongside sighted classmates, family members and educators.